Got money on my mind

“Joel will be acquitted, right?” Francine chased after the public defender assigned to her son’s case. She slipped into the elevator just as the doors shut. “That’s unlikely, he had possession of the stolen money.” PD Guzman pushed the button for the 8th floor court room. “That money could’ve come from anywhere,” Francine’s voice rose.... Continue Reading →

Wintry winds

Blair huddled under a quilt, her legs tucked underneath her. A steaming mug of coffee in her hands, a splash of Bailey’s added to fortify her. A wintry wind howled outside her window, whipping the trees into a frenzy. Their brittle, rimed limbs scrapped at her window. She imagined a demon clawing to get in her house,... Continue Reading →

Snowbirds have landed

You from around here? Where can I get fresh seafood? I’m not a tour guide I live in a coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico that is a popular tourist destination. There are two seasons here - summer and snowbird. Beginning in March with Spring Break through Labor Day weekend, the summer people come... Continue Reading →

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