Search party

Hidden among a pine copse on the knoll above Harper’s field, Sabina watched a cluster of small dust devils skip across the lea stirring up chaff as they went. The search parties, Sabina had no doubts that’s what they were, were getting bigger and hunting more frequently. Though she respected their magic, her dilemma was … Continue reading Search party


“Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.” ~ Aubrey de Grey “You see it too, dontcha?” Miriam raced from person to person in the hospital day room, holding up a used lunch napkins by its top two corners. “It’s right there,” she said, shaking the paper square with righteous indignation if … Continue reading Foreshadowing

Finishing school

It’s that old canard - some fancy girl disappears for several months, no one knows where or isn’t saying, and tongues wag about how the family sent her off to avoid causing them any embarrassment. Gwyneth was such a girl. She simply disappeared one night. Her parents deflected questions or gave noncommittal answers as to her … Continue reading Finishing school

Socked away

The primly dressed young woman stood nervously on my doorstep clutching a notebook. On her crooked arm, she carried a small canvas tote decorated with a stylized graphic of a cat in military garb. Feeling under-dressed in my threadbare flannel PJ pants and throwback concert tee, I let her continue her solicitation spiel uninterrupted. “With … Continue reading Socked away

It’s for you

What came before: Dinner Party  At 9:34 a.m. sharp, the phone hanging on the wall at B.A.M. comics book shop began ringing, its cartoon ringtone especially loud in the nearly empty store. That Clarence had managed to rig the vintage phone to play the Animaniacs theme song was a source of pride for him, and … Continue reading It’s for you