100 Word Challenge: Retire

I don’t have a job. Well, I have a job being the most awesome domestic engineer ever (read: homemaker), I just don’t get paid. (The perks, however: can be pretty spectacular though.) The last paying gig I had, I was laid-off when the company went through a lot of internal strife, re-branding, and departmental restructuring. […]

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Take this job…

To Whom it may Concern: In as per termination of employment policy, I am tendering my written resignation within the two-week notice period. I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to work at ABC Inc. but that would be a lie. This job was the worst experience I have ever endured and I have […]

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Full metal basket

metal storage lockers

Crystal swore as she walked from the outer limits of the parking lot to begin her shift at Big Box Store. It had been raining for five solid days and ankle-deep puddles made the crossing more like an obstacle course. She could feel the grimy water seeping into her galoshes, soaking her socks. That’s just […]

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Nailed it

nail gun nails

I’ve been gainfully unemployed since 2009. In all that time, after all the resumes and job applications I’ve submitted, I’ve had this many responses… zero. Alas… Instead, I suffer job search purgatory vicariously through my grown-ass children. They have both had to do that crazy dance, and I don’t envy them. Other than the steady income, that is. […]

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Killing frost

frost on an oak leaf

All the experts tell you to put back a couple of months salary as emergency money, you know, just in case. I never expected my “just in case.” Life was good. I wasn’t part of the 1%, but I was comfortable. Debt was under control, I didn’t live beyond my mean. Hell, I still reused […]

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Top ten perks and financial benefits of being unemployed

Recently a friend made an off-hand remark that I was lucky that I wasn’t still working because I didn’t have to put up with co-workers coming into the office sick, and spreading their contagion around to everyone. Lucky… that’s it. The medical savings on cold remedies alone have made being out of a job worth […]

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