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dilapidated ocean pier


Timeworn and weathered Solitude nae loneliness Solace by the sea

blue sky and white cumulus clouds

100 Word Challenge: Quiet

When I go on my photo walks, I sometimes miss the best photos because I’m simply sitting and watching, feeling, breathing in the incredible beauty that surrounds me. For most of these trips, I am alone… and I don’t just mean that I don’t bring one of my peeps or a friend with me, but ...


100 Word Challenge: Demon

Recently I purchased a Tibetan Spinning Meditation Ring. I have my doubts that it is actually from Tibet (it shipped from Port Charlotte, FL) and doubts on whether having it will mystically make meditation meaningful for me (I can’t seem to make my brain shut down long enough to think about ‘nothing’) but it’s a very ...

hermit crab

Out of her head

She lived inside her head, A snug space, comfortable but lonely. In time her solitude took up too much room. She reconsidered being a hermit, And went outside to change her mind.

praying mantis

I want to be alone

I’m feeling peckish I might bite someone’s head off If they get too close


One is not a lonely number

I've always been a bit of a loner. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, but I also like being by myself. There's no one I have ask for a menu selection - I can eat when I want, what I want, how I want... straight out of the ice cream carton with a ...