Be the light

The sky darkened from a warm gold to a fiery crimson sending uneasy whispers through villagers gathered on the beach. The sun was slowly sinking toward the horizon, a solemn end to the 100-year Light Day, Once the light was extinguished in the ocean, the world would be plunged into a perpetual night for the […]

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A nice place to visit

A single, yellow dwarf sun rose over the marooned ship and her surviving crew. Mauve skies gave way to pale yellow, then to a subdued, teal blue. Wreckage littered the shore of a lush island, leaving a debris field 40 yards wide and 6 miles long. The Explorer Vessel Caelestis was in orbit around Snion […]

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The Dark Day

The whole village gathered at the shore. Even the Old came, some walked on their own while others were carried to the seaside in palanquins. Whispers seeped through the village that a few of the Old were alive when The Dark Day ended more than 100 years ago. A mixture of fear and anticipation flowed […]

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Goodbye blue skies

blue sky white clouds

The launch rocket sat waiting on the tarmac, massive in size, red rust falling from its skin like snow, steam surging out of its engines – the countdown stopped at Four Minutes. A rapid-fire exchange of orders and counter-orders crackled over the radio in the ship’s cockpit. The crew, suited and strapped into their pods, […]

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Caution, Danger

red reflective disks

Debris from the wreck was found as far as a half a mile away. Bits and pieces of each vehicle, some no bigger than the diameter of a Starbucks Grande cup, were widely scattered as if by some malevolent tornado. Two intact, round ruby reflectors from Paige Campbell’s vehicle landed in Mr. Luther Madsen’s front […]

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Body of work

metal framework

Blackwater Institute finally replaced its last two-way mirrors with closed circuit cameras, removing the distraction of massive dark windows in the rooms which occasionally triggered violent reactions from the inmates. Macy bent over a large light table piecing together a series of still shots from the latest photos to create a life-sized Goode homolosine projection […]

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