Sweet life

There is no way for me to know how many past lives I had to satisfy to come to this incarnation. It could be that I endured many trials, atoned for many wicked deeds, passed through many lifetimes accomplishing worthy deeds of consequence to finally wake into this consciousness. Whatever my path to this vessel, … Continue reading Sweet life

dirty earthworm

Down to earth

It’s hot out there. Mornings are still cool enough that I can breathe, but barely. Walking around the neighborhood is best done just after the sun rises. There’s little traffic, and the moms with strollers are still at home, older walkers are not stirring yet, and dogs are snuggling in bed with their sleeping masters. It's … Continue reading Down to earth

foggy morning in the country


The morning sun was peeking over the foothills, a comforting warmth that peeled back a light blanket of fog. As the light diffused slowly across the valley, the animals awoke. Birds called out greetings, as lumbering cows made their way to breakfast on loose bales of sweet hay. She appeared suddenly on the dewy grass. … Continue reading Summerland