Exclusive interview

When you write about me later, and you will, please resist the urge to lapse into hyperbole. It will be easy to do, and certainly justified, but the common reader won’t be able to grasp my extraordinary circumstances and succumb to disbelief. We can’t have that. Better to under-play the details than to lose your […]

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The solution

The portal would only be open for a short time. Preparations for the transfer began months ago. Beyond the threshold, a white light shone, so bright anything on the far side of the divide was obscured by the brilliance. The only sound escaping was a hum like the drone of an antiquated fluorescent light. A […]

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The nothingness

black nothing

Then there was nothing. No light, no sound, only an unimaginable emptiness and unbearable loneliness. Trapped in this black hole hell, I am blind and disoriented. I can no longer feel my Sisters near me. I know they are here, that woman damned us all with her wretched curse. There is no up, no down. […]

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Losing sleep

closed dome light

“Did you remember the candles?” I piped on the icing roses and added “Happy Birthday” with a fancy flourish. Holding up a small box, he shook out four pink polka-dot tapers. “Of course, here ya go. You’ve really outdone yourself this year.” “Turn out the lights so we can see the flames better.” I picked […]

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Cornflower fields

The cell is all I know. Brick walls on four sides, and a single window at floor level my only source of light. I’ve lost all track of time, not knowing the passage of days, only counting meals. Does the gruel come twice a day, once? Does it even matter? It’s difficult to tell if […]

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Out of the light

Like Jonah swallowed into the belly of the whale, the mouth of the dungeon consumed him whole. Light and life drowned in the darkness. The cries of the wretched, the only prisoners escaping.

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