Kelly Blue Book invaluable

Kelly Blue Book invaluable

To the uninitiated, these represent childhood memories of pretend car races. To me, they symbolize the manifestations of a lifelong obsession, a compulsive obsession. At the tender age of 12, my son was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His rituals involve small, die-cast toys. Mainly cars, but it can also mean tiny motorcycles, airplanes, military [...]

Family table

From an early age our son has been a 'collector.' On any given day, especially when joining me while running errands, I would have to pat him down, removing bits and pieces of debris from his pockets that he had found in parking lots, grocery store aisles, beneath clothing racks. When I'd break down and [...]

She writes

Hundreds of college composition books littered her bedroom floor, each filled with her tight, precise handwriting. Every page, every margin overflowing with words. Her words, her stories. She had to get these details written out, to preserve them. Oral traditions faded away, words put to paper were forever. The feel of ink making contact with [...]

Try turning around

There's a light at each end of this tunnel, You shout 'cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out And these mistakes you've made, you'll just make them again If you'd only try turning around. ~ Anna Nalick, "Breathe." Wreck of the Day. Sony Music BMG, 2005. I try to learn from [...]