Ransom is missing

city street black and white

Annalise was the epitome of the facinorous step-mother. She was conniving, mercurial, jealous, vacuous, and insecure. That she was only eight years older than her new husband’s only child, Ashley, made the family dynamic the perfect fodder for a Lifetime Movie, or the lede for the Times Picayune’s Wednesday Police Blotter. Ashley simply had to … Continue reading Ransom is missing

A square inside a circle

masonry monkey

Norma Feherty didn’t believe that anyone was truly clairvoyant. People could be extremely intuitive, or observant. They could be experts at misdirection or mental sleight of hand, but no one had vatic visions. That was, she didn’t believe until she met Madam Weronika Nagy. She wasn’t one of those trailer psyches who asked open-ended questions. … Continue reading A square inside a circle

Out of the frying pan

The bonfire had burnt out. Initially, green palm fronds produced adequate smoke, but did little to keep the blaze burning. All dry driftwood they found was exhausted early, along with the hopes of the marooned travelers. Frank was the first one voted off the island. After his umpteenth rendition of the Gilligan’s Island theme song, … Continue reading Out of the frying pan