red wine in a glass

“D’rum, d’rum, d’rum, d’rrrrrrumm, d’rrrrrrummmmm, er d’ruh, er d’ruh, errrr d’rum.” It wasn’t his gibberish that woke her. He was speaking so softly, she had to lean in close to hear what he was saying. What woke her was it wasn’t his usual train-engine snoring. Every night for weeks, he repeated the word, “d’rum.” He … Continue reading Somniloquy

Peace and quiet

foggy valley

Fog crept up from the bottom of the gorge, filling the chasm with a thick, muffling cloud. “It’s kind of beautiful,” Rosslyn said. Milo pursed his lips, holding in his retort. “Ethereal really,” Rosslyn said ignoring Milo’s condescending smirk. “The quiet is serene, like being in a dream.” Without turning his body, Milo cocked his head toward her, … Continue reading Peace and quiet

Last call

bayside pavilion and bicycle

A voice crackled over the sergeant’s shoulder mic giving out a police incident code and address sending Sgt. Kaplan to Roger Caldwell City Park about a bicycle. “How long’s it been here?” Kaplan asked Mrs. Edith Wexcombe, the person who called in the complaint. Mrs. Wexcombe had on her good lavender chenille house coat and … Continue reading Last call

Bridge between

Goodwood Duxford tales... A motley crew of the living and dead milled around a stone bench at the center of Gramberly Cemetery. Goodwood Duxford, the leader of the group and caretaker of the graveyard, told the gathering about the mysterious wandering ghost and the forgotten section of Gramberly. “I first encountered the spirit two weeks ago,” … Continue reading Bridge between