Such a pinch

side view of a long bridge

Like most moms, when my kids were little, I would take opportunities to use 'teachable moments' whenever we were out and about town. We would play 'I Spy,' to learn colors, or the Alphabet game, calling out each letter in sequential order as we passed this or that sign. I would help the kids count … Continue reading Such a pinch

Six uses for water bottles during outdoor exercise

blue and green asics walking shoes

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a walking program lately - counting up towards 14,000 daily steps and that ever elusive 6-mile mark. Besides sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes, a hat and sunglasses, (maybe sunscreen and mosquito repellent), about the only other thing I need for walking is a ready water supply. Dehydration in … Continue reading Six uses for water bottles during outdoor exercise