Friendship tour

“I don’t want to keep fighting you.” “That’s hard to believe after that conniption you just had.” “You don’t even know these people.” “I’ve known some of them for 10 years. I’ve seen them get married, have kids, have grandkids. Don’t tell me I don’t know them.” “You’ve never actually met them in person.” “I … Continue reading Friendship tour

Sibling harmony

writer's cat

“You’re just an attention whore!” He said, sputtering with self-righteous rage. “Always on that Instabook or Facegram, tweaking.” An almost indiscernible shake of her head was underlined with an audible eye-roll and exasperated huff. “How is that any concern of yours,” she said, lifting one eyebrow quizzically. “You have no real relationships, just imaginary friends … Continue reading Sibling harmony

Münchausen by Internet

Lately I've been reading about a phenomenon called Münchausen by Internet. Much like the more familiar Münchausen by Proxy, this psychological disorder manifests when a person manufactures imaginary illnesses or fictional characters with medical or personal struggles - cancer, eating disorders, disabilities, depression, even infant deaths, sexual abuse, suicides, or stalking - alternating with near miraculous recovery. All … Continue reading Münchausen by Internet