“I don’t want any trouble.” He had a lean, hangdog look about him. His overgrown beard hide his face, but his eyes, unexpectedly clear, held an unquenchable fire. Pulling his fists from the pockets of his old, military field jacket, he showed empty hands to the men barring his way. “Just let me go on … Continue reading Hangdog

Precarious calm

Winter winds swept down the mountain, whipping through bare tree limbs and worming through narrow gaps in the barn walls. It moaned as if in pain from the effort. Loft doors, weakly clinging to rusty hinges, slapped against weathered boards, splintering the already tired wood. Wild curses were lost in the maelstrom as dust devils … Continue reading Precarious calm

skyline glass skyscrapers

Glass and chrome

After the doors closed, I moved slightly to my right, pressing my back against the solid elevator wall. If I had kept my eyes open, the whole of the city would have opened before me as I ascended to the top floor of Jacoby Towers. The car’s three outward facing glass walls offered riders a … Continue reading Glass and chrome

life vests header

No wake

They serve as a reminder that life is not easy It is not safe to dip your toe in the water Don’t venture out too deep There are leviathan and krakens Lying in wait, ready to carry you into the fathomless abyss Whales to swallow you whole Sharks to eat you alive It is not … Continue reading No wake