Standing naked before man, stripped of my uncertainty and fear, declaring openly my devotion to you, only then will I be a righteous believer - when my faith is more precious than my life. NaBloPoMo 8/30

Are you ready

Keeping her head down, Kylie pretended to read the rice paper thin pages of the book open on her lap. By concentrating on the words, her lips moving as she sounded out each syllable, the six-year-old could filter out most of what the man was saying. Dressed in a white chasuble, a gold tasselled shawl [...]

A conversation

Unable to interrupt the tantrum the person was throwing on the other end of the call, Gail held her phone out at arm's length. With the other hand, she folded down three fingers, forefinger to her temple, thumb cocked, then pulled the imaginary trigger. Making the most grotesque face she could, she fell to her [...]