100 Word Challenge: Faith

When I was a kid, unless I was practically dead, I went to church every Sunday morning. Once I was too old for the children’s sermon, where we wee kiddies would gather on the steps to the altar and sit in rapt fascination while Reverend imparted an age-appropriate homily. We got to leave the sanctuary […]

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Make the leap

bird takes off in flight

A small leap of faith Into the wild blue yonder Anticipation

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Take me to church

basilica with green copper roof

He sat in the corner of the back pew trying to follow along with the altar call hymn. He stumbled over the phrasing, the words alien on his tongue. “Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind…” He held the last note too long, his off-key voice echoing off the stone walls well after the other […]

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statue face

Standing naked before man, stripped of my uncertainty and fear, declaring openly my devotion to you, only then will I be a righteous believer – when my faith is more precious than my life. NaBloPoMo 8/30

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A little faith

I know your journey was long and dark. That you felt lost and alone, but I was always close by your side. You never saw me, but I was there you should stumble or fall. You had to make this journey on your own. Had to find your solitary path, to know you were strong […]

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Are you ready

Keeping her head down, Kylie pretended to read the rice paper thin pages of the book open on her lap. By concentrating on the words, her lips moving as she sounded out each syllable, the six-year-old could filter out most of what the man was saying. Dressed in a white chasuble, a gold tasselled shawl […]

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