Returning to the nest

A young man, no older than 23 or 24, sat crossed-legged on the cold concrete floor of his cell, his back to the door. His hands rested palms up on his knees, his face upturned toward the only window, high on the 12-foot cinder block wall. Judging from the angle of sun rays pouring through […]

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Caution, Danger

red reflective disks

Debris from the wreck was found as far as a half a mile away. Bits and pieces of each vehicle, some no bigger than the diameter of a Starbucks Grande cup, were widely scattered as if by some malevolent tornado. Two intact, round ruby reflectors from Paige Campbell’s vehicle landed in Mr. Luther Madsen’s front […]

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In pursuit of justice

little plastic American flags

Tiny, plastic American flags lined both sides of the road leading into the complex. A light wind flipped the tips of each one sending a synchronized crackling down the rows. No one knew who put out the flags, only that by first light on July 4, they were in place leading from the main, public […]

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American dream

colorful kite in deep blue sky

“The sky was deep blue. A blue that hurt to look directly into, a blue that threatened to swallow you whole.” So began Isabel’s tale.” Wrapped in a light woolen blanket, she sat on a high hill, beneath a tall oak watching her great-grandsons flying their kite. Their shouts and laughter lifting the rainbow triangle […]

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Upwardly mobile

abandoned storefront

The storefront looked abandoned. A rusty padlock secured the entrance, and a crazy quilt of plywood was nailed to one side of the display window. The other side was coated with a thick layer of grime. Someone had written, “Wash Me,” with their finger in the dirt. A hand-painted “For Sale” sign, tucked into the […]

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Conservatory conspiracy

The brilliant wash of sunlight was deceptive. Hidden amidst the plush greenery and warm morning glow was the entrance to a subterranean bunker. The padlocked gate, and the rusted and vine-covered, chain-linked fence surrounding the lot, were proof the property was long abandoned. From the front of the lot, where the fence ran parallel to […]

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