100 Word Challenge: Hungry

I enjoying cooking for my family, but don’t always make a full dinner. What with the menfolk having such diverse work schedules, many nights there isn’t a full contingency for a meal. When they are both home, I try to prepare something homemade. Whenever I try a new recipe, I always ask later if it’s good […]

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Hors d’oeuvres

creek turtle

Minnows and lilies Waterfront dining menu Fresh catch of the day

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Here we come a-wassailing

a mug of wassail

I’ve been cooking for three days. Tomorrow, there are angel biscuits and an apple pie left to bake, then meringue to top off the coconut cream pie I made today. A glazed ham was baked earlier, and my Mister will deep fry two turkey breasts about an hour before we all sit down for dinner […]

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Eat ’til you drop

My peeps and I are headed west for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with one set of Grans – the Mr’s parents – for the big Eat ‘Til You Pop Day. We have our own family dinner traditions – green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, angel biscuits, turkey, and various and sundry desserts. […]

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Cheesy Bacon Corn Waffles

These savory bits of corny deliciousness grew out of my son’s near constant nagging requests for me to make fried chicken and waffles. After wearing me down, and me actually eating a platter full of amazing chicken and waffles at a lovely diner in Greensboro, NC, I acquiesced. Inspired by a hunger-induced dream about waffles, […]

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A new recipe

As much as I once loved him, now I can’t stand the sarcastic tone of his voice. Gawd, how I hate that man! His smug, condescending arrogance grates on my very last nerve. He treats me more like one of his vapid office subordinates than his wife of 40 years. “You’ve outdone yourself, a delicious […]

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