100 Word Challenge: Cook

Of my two children, it’s my son who has a flair for the culinary arts. He loves to cook and has created some delicious dishes. He is adventurous with his ingredients, which sometimes result in interesting flavors. Recently he was ruminating about one of his favorite childhood treats – 7-Layer/Magic Bars. He mused on how the […]

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Therapy by the dozen

bent mixer blades

I’m from the south. Eating is a favorite pastime, like football or deer hunting. It’s what we do. When I’m bored, I eat. When I’m angry, I eat. Sad, eat; hurt, eat; scared, eat; lonely, eat… When I want to help someone else feel better, I bake for them… then I eat what I bake. […]

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Pity party cookies

oatmeal cookies

I was feeling sorry for myself because I will be alone on the Hallmark Made-up Holiday Saturday, so I made myself some cookies. (They had pineapple and bananas, and gluten-free oatmeal, so they’re good for me… right?) The menfolk are on a mission over the weekend. A trip they are taking with my blessing. Still, even if I reject […]

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Proprietary information

resting squirrel

Nannie MacGill, the iconic septuagenarian and public face of Nannie Mac’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, sat ramrod straight in the witness stand. Her face expression-less, save for the pencil thin line of her tea rose-pink lips, Nan endured the prosecutor’s questions with silent outrage. “You expect the court to believe you had no knowledge of what […]

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Warmth by chocolate

7 layer cookie bars

When I woke up Monday morning, it was 66°F inside my house. Now, if you live anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re probably playing a tiny, imaginary violin and making,”wah, wha” noises. Sure, make fun of the cold-weather challenged. Typically, it’s not this cold in Florida, this early in the peri-winter season. I’ve gone […]

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One lump or two?

I thought this prompt would be a stumper. The only thing I could initially come up with for “lumpy” was my Muffin Top. The chances of me posting a photo of that? Yeah, not gonna happen. Then, this morning in anticipation of my daughter’s visit home during her Christmas Break from school, I made cookies… and […]

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