Humble, oaken pew

Amber luminescence filters down through tissue paper bunting. Translucent pennons in hues of russet, gold, ochre and burnt umber tremble in anticipation. The scene seems as if it naturally grew there for just this moment. A beam of soft sunlight illuminates a humble, oaken pew, a message from above, “be still, and know that I … Continue reading Humble, oaken pew

Take me to church

basilica with green copper roof

He sat in the corner of the back pew trying to follow along with the altar call hymn. He stumbled over the phrasing, the words alien on his tongue. “Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind…” He held the last note too long, his off-key voice echoing off the stone walls well after the other … Continue reading Take me to church

Divine retribution

church black and white

The acrid taint of burning incense did nothing to mask the rancid stink that permeated the desecrated sanctuary. Reavers had crawled over the walls and altar like leather beetles, stripping the trappings of the sanctuary like flesh from bone. Taking their pickings, reavers left their leaders to bask in the profane overthrow. Their chief, Rolf, sprawled … Continue reading Divine retribution