Twelve steps

Twelve unflinching steps Order within the chaos Threshold to threshold

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From the chaos

breaking wave during a storm

It shall be called Seas Separated from dry land This on the third day

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Morning routine

broken glass

It was pure chaos. The dogs found my new book, tearing it into pieces before I could finish reading it. I still haven’t found the back cover. Trying to pick up all the shredded paper, I discovered a spot where the cat yakked up another hairball… with my bare foot. It was worse than stepping on […]

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100 Word Challenge: Chaos

prickly pear bloom

This past weekend, I went on a photo hike for the first time in… I don’t remember. It once was my routine to take one weekend day to myself and go somewhere, anywhere nearby for a hike or visit to the beach. Since I live in Florida, and minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, most […]

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Safe ashore

Hurricane warnings Maelstrom of chaos threatened Safe and sound ashore Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

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