gray foggy beach

You sought to dull my voice, Casting my words into the blankness, Tossed and swallowed with malice. In your cruelty you rejoice. No guiding star to lead me On a path I did not choose, I stumble, yet still refuse This penance defiantly. Engulfed in poisoned air Deafened by brackish lies, blinded By your razor-edged hatred […]

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Heart of gold

goldfish in a bowl

“He’s got the heart of a lion.” “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” “You know, that he’s über brave.” “Sure he’d be brave it he was a lion. He could take your arm off with one bite. What does he have to be afraid of? He’s the friggin’ King of the Jungle.” “Okay, […]

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Small bouts of bravery

Bravery doesn’t have to mean risking your life. Bravery can mean dropping to your knees to take a serendipitous photo of a violet blooming through a sidewalk crack, and not caring who’s watching.

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