100 Word Challenge: Dance

My oldest child began the last year of her twenties earlier this month, and she and I had a little adventure to celebrate this week. On Tuesday night, she and I attended a concert together at an outdoor venue with nearly 10,000 of our closest friends. She and I sang at the top of our […]

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100 Word Challenge: Age

Today is my birthday… my actually, IRL birthday. I’m 55 and not embarrassed to say it. I don’t feel 55, as if there is a certain way being 55 should feel. I definitely don’t act 55, again if there is a right way for someone 55 to act. It doesn’t matter – I’m going to […]

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Cake for everyone

black and white first birthday

I love all my friends Sending me birthday wishes Like a kid loves cake *Today is my 51st birthday. Yesterday evening good wishes started coming in from my friends in Japan, China, and Portugal. It was like happiness arriving from the future. It made this crazy cat lady feel very loved. Thanks!

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