Guard dogs


Marble guardians Fair of face, beauty and grace Villainy beware Gargoyles, familiar creatures perched on the eaves of Gothic architecture, are not the evil demons many believe them to be. They are guardians, mystic guard dogs warding off malevolence and bad spirits. Their stoney countenance all the better to strike fear into the black hearts … Continue reading Guard dogs

Party of five

old photographs

More from the Dinner Party Mr. Stiles was in the rose garden when his concierge Jasper brought the next guest to petition her wish. Standing when they approached, Stiles held a chair for Lily Cash. “I didn’t see George at breakfast this morning.” Lily was demure and painfully shy. “Mr. Vernon had his wish granted, … Continue reading Party of five

Bad decisions

wooden bad decisions sign

What if you could have just one wish, any wish - good, bad, or magical - and it be granted? You have to decide now, without consideration for any consequences to you or anyone else. What would you choose? Would you wish for financial independence? Or to have a stable of luxury cars? Would you want to travel the … Continue reading Bad decisions