100 Word Challenge: Search

through library stacks

When I dream, I dream big. Wes Anderson, over-the-top visuals, filled with eclectic characters, and elaborate scenery kind of productions. I’ve even had what I consider prophetic dreams on a few, rare occasions. So, when I dream of the same thing, not the same story line, but the same place or event, I pay attention. […]

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100 Word Challenge: South

red maple seeds and spanish moss

I’m not a big fan of network television. I watch a lot of shows on the History and Discovery Channels, and spend numerous hours watching Premier League Soccer. (The main reason we have the cable package we do is so we can watch British football.) Remember how I mentioned that I live with two men, […]

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100 Word Challenge: Power

skate shoes pile

The division of power in my household is not balanced. I live with two men – my husband of 30 years and my 20-something son. The family dichotomy changed drastically when our older daughter permanently moved out of the our home. It went from an equal male/female ratio to one that is clearly stacked against […]

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100 Word Challenge: A minus

keyboard A

I’m one of those messy people who eats while working at my laptop. That means tiny crumbs and not so tiny orts (my favorite crossword puzzle word) get sprinkled all over my keyboard. Owning my messiness, I’ve taken prophylactic measures to protect the inner workings of my precious MacBook. A silicone cover fits snuggly over […]

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100 Word Challenge: Dream

Back in the day, when I was fresh out of college, I was plagued by Non-attendance Final Exam Nightmares. You know the ones…. you walk into a class you’ve never been too all semester, are expected to take a “counts at 50% of your grade” test, and you realize that you don’t know anything about […]

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100 Word Challenge: Change

sunset Beasley Park

This Sunday, in the U.S and Canada, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. That means instead of sunset coming at 6 o’clock in the evening, it’ll come at 7. I like that. The downside is that to have that bit more light, means giving up an hour of my day. With night falling so […]

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