A promise written in stone

Before her family and God, she promised “to have and to hold, for better, for worse.” Then he broke her heart and her nose.

She promised “for richer, for poorer,” not knowing that he would be fired again and again, gambling away what money they did have.

She promised “in sickness, in health,” telling herself the drinking and the drugs were an illness, he couldn’t help it.

She promised “to love and to cherish,” while he took to bed every pretty young thing who would have him.

She promised “until death do us part” – a fitting epitaph for her gravestone.

Inspiration: Promises


5 thoughts on “A promise written in stone

  1. Got a lump in my throat. What annoys me is if a woman fights back she is looked; with pity and charged for doing the world a favour. What is a beaten supposed to do let them kill. Sorry. Not having a go at you far from it.

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