The great Outside

“You calling me an idiot?” Issy hissed. “Are you impugning my authority on this?”

Mia sat down and breathed a heavy sigh. Sayuki rolled her eyes as only a teenager can.

“Your histrionics are unnecessary, no one is arguing with you over your superior knowledge” Mia said, “but you’re not the only one who’s gone Outside.”

“Even I’ve even there,” Sayuki sauntered between the two elders.

“With your hooman,” Issy said. “Holding you like a mewing baby. You have never set a foot down Outside.”

“I have,” Mia said.

“Taking a shit Outside doesn’t count,” Issy said. “I’ve lived there.”

Inspiration: Idiot
Impugn and/or Dispute
The Darkroom badge
Inspiration: Woodpecker
*A very small snippet of what I hope will flesh out into my NaNoWriMo story. The woodpecker gave me the idea. We’ll see if I can keep up with the word count.


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