Rocky road


It was a little past noon, and I was meandering down a country road – a detour off the interstate because of a multiple-car wreck. I drove past Mom and Pop stores, a barbecue restaurant run out of an old camping trailer, and stopped at the occasional traffic light.

Had I been more perceptive, I could have intuited the meaning of the cairns erected at the side of the road. It wasn’t clear if only the piles were for sale, or if I could select individual stones.

I should take a road less traveled more often. I see the most intriguing things.

Inspiration: The Road Taken
Perspicacious and/or Perceptive
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8 thoughts on “Rocky road

  1. Well, this is definitely a first for me – I’ve never seen rock piles like those before! I wonder what they were for, but you’re right: the road less travelled always results in very interesting finds.

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