Wintry winds


Blair huddled under a quilt, her legs tucked underneath her. A steaming mug of coffee in her hands, a splash of Bailey’s added to fortify her.

A wintry wind howled outside her window, whipping the trees into a frenzy. Their brittle, rimed limbs scrapped at her window. She imagined a demon clawing to get in her house, hungry and wanting to devour her.

Cradling the mug in one hand against her chest, she rubbed at her eyes with her other trembling hand. Sleep had evaded her for another night.

She rose to open the door and let in the monster.

Niveous and/or Wintry

5 thoughts on “Wintry winds

  1. At first, I was all calm and warm sipping Bailey’s right with her. Then I felt a chill like something entirely different might happen next. I feel her on the sleeping part!


  2. There’s something very chilling (pun not intended) about the scenario – it seems so mundane, but there’s something very creepy about it. Beautifully written. On the bright side, coffee and Baileys is always amazing! Though my choice would be hot chocolate instead.

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