These go to eleven

wall of speakers

Live life out loud!

That can be hard to do when your entire life has been spent trying to not be the center of attention. When you’ve kept to the shadows, not causing any problems, rarely speaking out, or taking up for myself.

I joke that since I’ve crossed the 50-something threshold, I’ve earned my Grouchy Old Lady card. I can embrace my curmudgeon spirit animal, and finally speak my mind. I can use all those scathing retorts I think of moments after an unpleasant encounter.

I can do all those crazy things I’ve been afraid to try before. I can break out of my shell, and morph into a beautiful, kick-ass, butterfly.

Or, I can just sit over here and read a book.

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Submitted to Weekly Writing Challenge: “… which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine.”
*Photo Venue: High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

13 thoughts on “These go to eleven

  1. It’s funny because I’ve been saying as I near 45 (in just a few months) that my filter is lifting and I’m finally saying and feeling what I feel, what I truly want to say. (At least in the off line world. I’ve stirred up a few rows already). Ahem. 🙂

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  2. My mom just passed the 65 mark. I LOVE that I got in her car and turned on the radio and was IMMEDIATELY blasted by sound so loud that I couldn’t stand it. It isn’t a loss of hearing. She’s just blaring the radio as she rolls down the highway EXACTLY LIKE I’VE ALWAYS DONE!! She feels freer to be herself. I love it

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  3. Awww……loved this…over fifty too…and so related to your last line…or I can just here and read a book…or as I am doing now…reading blog posts and laughing over the “kindred” spirits I find here. Blessings!


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