Physical contact is as crucial to humans as food and water. Something as simple as a hand on a shoulder, or squeeze of a hand, can mean the difference between extinction and survival.

Yet, just as there are empty calories, useless in sustaining our physical bodies, we need sincere contact to nurture our psychological bodies.

We can’t subsist on a diet of rote gestures of love, heavily seasoned with hollow meaning and neglected intent – a cursory peck on the cheek or briefest embrace, more accidental than heartfelt.

At a banquet laden with dispassionate kisses and caresses, I’m starving to death.

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Starving”

6 thoughts on “Banquet

  1. Every romantic relationship I’ve ever been in was like that, which is why I don’t do romance at this point.
    I’m really not much of a toucher in general. A pat on the shoulder or such is fine, but if I don’t know a person quite well, I don’t really want them touching me.


  2. Wow, very well said. There are so many once close relationships in our lives that have become routine and almost meaningless in their gestures, so I really feel you. Oh, and I totally want to eat that salad in the picture!


  3. It seems too conditional: love. As if a price can be paid, for what cannot be bought, but only freely accepted if freely given. Intentions mean well for the lack of a real touch. without a mind to connect, how can a hand? will a heart find solace in the empty and shallow offerings of a poorly intentioned or dispassionate individual? what of those consumed by fears and repressed in their expressions for having them? Many share the banquet. A fool will profess his love and find it, while the wise look for real love, and chance to die alone. Which is wiser? The fool or the wise? I guess the answer lies within which has courage.


  4. I too am starving in that sense. A dead marriage, and now, the only real friend I have, the one who gives me all the hugs is in the hospital. I have no comfort right now. Hugs to you…sigh


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