Early bird

bird with worm

Up before the sun
The early bird gets the worm
That’s if you like worms

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL

*For the past three years, I have participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Each of those years, during November, I wrote a 50,000+ word “novel.” I have yet to edit any of those into a reasonable version of a completed book. This year, I just don’t think my brain is ready to cooperate for a fourth try. So… as an alternative, I’m joining BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). There is no word-count to worry about, I just have to publish a daily post. Since I do that already, this one should be a cinch… if I didn’t just jinx it. Check out the BlogHer blogroll (see #45) of other participants, and read some great writing.


NaBloPoMo 1/30

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I believe all good fiction includes an element of truth, and all good photography includes an element of fantasy. In this journal I hope to give voice to the stories swirling around in my head, and to capture the images I see through my camera’s lens.

21 thoughts on “Early bird

  1. I completely blanked on NaBloPoMo – and I didn’t know, until today, that BlogHer had picked up on NaBloPoMo as something they had any responsibility for. That said, I’ve already blown it for NaBloPoMo having NOT posted over the weekend. This year has been harder for me tan most – I blogged every day from the 1st of January, 2008, until this year – at some point I took a day off, and then I took a couple of days off, and lately I’ve been blowing off weekends. Time to get back on my horse, eh?


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