Lost art of letters

Rusted mailbox

Email messages
Social media comments
Pen and paper lost

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL

As obsessive active as I am online with my imaginary-friends-who-live-in-my-computer, I still get all school-girl giddy whenever I get a real, handwritten note in my mailbox.

6 thoughts on “Lost art of letters

  1. I send out at least 2 cards a week, my best friend, my mom, another blogger that I’ve been thinking about…I love licking that envelope and knowing it’s going to make someone smile when they see among the white legal size envelopes of trash and bills.
    (Plus I love getting them in the mail too!)


      1. Everyone who knows me IRL says, “Kirsten why don’t you own a HALLMARK yet?”

        I could spend my life in the card aisle picking the “right” one. lol


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