The ruling class

Iron throne

She swept into the courtyard followed by her entourage of nodding sycophants. Casing her malevolent gaze over her subjects, she carefully selected her next victim. Who did she endeavor to destroy this week?

Each of her ladies in waiting were specifically chosen for their beauty and prestige, as well as their inability to resist their mistress’ ascendancy. They could no easier resist her commands than they could give up breathing.

Within their conclave they envision themselves as untouchable, above the uncouth proletariat. Rules of common decency do not apply, they willing crush the spirit of those deemed unworthy as easily as they crush insects beneath the heel of their patent leather Mary Janes.

Settling into her designated throne, she gave a barely discernible nod, indicating the others could now take their places around her. Scanning the gathering, a wicked sneer played across her cherub face, the corners of her cotton candy lips turning up slightly.

With the full attention of each of her lackeys, she looked pointedly at the focus of her ire until she was sure there was no question who had fallen into displeasure. The crime this poor soul committed was to speak to a boy favored by Her Highness.

A campaign of harassment began immediately. Carefully phrased threats repelled any who would stand up for the Queen’s target. Bullied allies fell away, frightened they would be the next casualty.

Books pushed from a desk, pencils stolen. Arms and legs pinched by mysterious fingers, vile names whispered in her ear. The final insult came when the boy who she made laugh days prior, now joined in the reign of terror.

Watching from her balcony on the monkey bars, she took in the extent of her rule, satisfied with how thoroughly she brought down her rival. It is good to be Queen and hold sway over the fourth grade playground.

Rule of thirds

Trifecta, a weekly one-word prompt, challenges writers to use that word in its third definition form, using no less than 33 words or no more than 333. The week’s prompt is: Sway [noun \ˈswā\3: a) a controlling influence; b) sovereign power; c) the ability to exercise influence or authority

23 thoughts on “The ruling class

  1. This strikes fear into this mother’s heart. I have been thinking lately of how horrifying navigating the world outside of home as a child often was and wondering how to spare my kid the nightmare. Anyone have a hermetic bubble I can buy cheap?


  2. Thanks for joining us again this week, Tara. I am agreeing with thebigbookofdating–every time I visit your site, I take note of your layout. It’s clean but original and quirky. I love it. On to your writing. . .I loved your metaphor. The word “lackey” is perfect here. I also love the idea of “falling into displeasure.” That’s how I remember those days–one day you were in and then the next, without any rhyme or reason, you were out. Fallen. Thanks for another great piece. Remember to come back on Monday for the new prompt.


  3. sorry to say I didn’t even give the image a second glance until the end – it is a perfect fit, but you still surprised me. And . . . with grandkiddos in elementary still, I am hoping that they are neither the perpetrator nor the prey.


  4. I wasn’t surprised because there were hints for the reader to figure out who the “Queen” is throughout the story, still it’s a great read. I suppose we all knew someone just like that back at school. 🙂


  5. Ok, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the photo at the beginning and thus, you were able to surprise me with the 4th grade, though I will also admit that I knew we were talking about the younger crowd with the patent leather mary jane’s (Though I have a pair of those myself with 3 inch heels, LOL). This was enthralling. I enjoyed it immensely!


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