I can’t quit you

I can’t quit you. I hear your siren’s call and must answer.

The pull towards you is a rip tide of churning emotions. There is no peace, no comforting embrace surrounding me, only currents tugging and dragging me in so many different directions, my head throbbing with possibilities.

My beating heart threatens to burst from my chest. My mind races, my hands tremble in anticipation as I let my eyes wander over you, taking in all your secrets, all your hidden treasures. We have no use for words. Feather-light touch of fingertips, timed to achieve the payoff we both seek is all the language we need.

Gazing at you longingly for hours, in the hopes of seeing a signal from you that you are mine alone. My anxiety matched only by the excitement you create in me. The thrill of the pursuit, the hunger for more.

I know I’m not your only admirer. Rivalries over you become heated, cutthroat displays of gamesmanship. One trying to best the other, each maneuvering into position for the ultimate prize.

Is this real? Or only an obsession, growing more frantic, more out-of-control each time we meet.

Oh! Sweet eBay, this love is killing me, but you’re the only one for me.

For the Indie Ink Writing Challenge this week, Diane challenged me with “This love is killing me but you’re the only one” and I challenged Jen_O with “You find a genie in a bottle who gives you one wish. You can’t bring anyone back from the dead, make anyone fall in love with you, or wish for more wishes. What is your wish, and what are the unexpected consequences of granting that wish?”

14 thoughts on “I can’t quit you

  1. lol, very clever – loved the reveal at the end – very intense up til that point. I get caught up in ebay so those emotions are real – especially during the last few seconds of an auction – will it be mine?


  2. Oh man! I read in awe, as always, over your writing prowess. The wonderfully descriptive language, the scene materializing in my mind… Or so I thought. The last line made me snort! Absolutely not what I was expecting, but I absolutely love it!


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