100 Word Challenge: A minus

keyboard A

I’m one of those messy people who eats while working at my laptop. That means tiny crumbs and not so tiny orts (my favorite crossword puzzle word) get sprinkled all over my keyboard. Owning my messiness, I’ve taken prophylactic measures to protect the inner workings of my precious MacBook. A silicone cover fits snuggly over […]

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Up on the roof

clay pigeons roof tiles

The voices in my head are like little birds perched on the roof eaves, warbling discordant melodies. The chittering in my brain is incessant The nonsense pouring out ricochets around the attic rafters, rolling off the shingles through the gaping mouths of gargoyles as so much gurgling noise. Undamnedable, the cascade of words flood over […]

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A work in progress

large vintage letters

A writing meme has been making the rounds lately, a blog tour highlighting the Writing Process. Carrie, from “Muse Unleashed,” tagged me to participate. I don’t typically engage in memes, but I’m making the exception for this one. When I started my “journal of big words and pretty pictures,” I wanted it to be completely different […]

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My words

In looking back over my last few weeks of posts, the majority of them seem, well, kinda dark. Especially over the past several months, I have been focusing more on my fiction writing. I’ve been active in some writing groups and using those weekly prompts to act as my muse. I don’t think it’s necessarily […]

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