Sea breeze wishes

Up before her parents were out of bed, Paisley sat in a white plastic chair on the patio outside their hotel bedroom. She tried to be very quiet opening the sliding glass door, but it screeled when its rollers skidded across the accumulation of grit in the tracks. Paisley, not big enough to pick up … Continue reading Sea breeze wishes

Dream car

pumpkin pile

Marti meandered through the pumpkin patch tapping each gourd with her Pretty Princess fairy wand made with purple, metallic star garland; silver tulle; and sparkly, multi-colored rhinestones. With each thud, she sang out, “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” It was hidden in the pile somewhere, she just knew it. All she had to do was find the right pumpkin, … Continue reading Dream car

House warming gift

old sleeping bag

More from the Dinner Party... The gazebo had seen better days. Paint peeling from the rafters littered the benches and stairs landing with a dusting of moldy, white flakes. Old spider webs, hanging like shredded bunting, decorated corners, and railing slats. Atop the only rise in the park, the pavilion was once the venue for … Continue reading House warming gift

What goes up

Red ferris wheel

More from the Dinner Party “I’m scared.” “What is there to be scared of?” Ray put his arm around Jillian, drawing her close. “Just look at this view.” “It’s not that,” she said. “The ride will start again soon, they always stop it like this,” he said. “It’s okay.” “No, Ray,” she said. “It’s not … Continue reading What goes up

Holes in your story

black and white leaves

More from the Dinner Party... Small stainless steel bowls lined the kitchen counter. Filled with meticulously cut up vegetables, each morsel was uniformly diced into bite-sized pieces. Mr. Stiles was fastidious about his meals. His aversion to outré textures exacerbated his pseudodysphagia. Jasper, his concierge and executive chef, knew his way around both a kitchen … Continue reading Holes in your story