Red, red wine

He held his wine glass up to the light, watching thick rivulets of crimson slide down the side of the goblet. “Perfect legs.” It came out a raspy breath, something to murmur in a lover’s ear. I felt like a voyeur watching him twisting and turning his glass, the wine coating the inside of the […]

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A fine whine

wild muscadine grapes

He poured his glass of merlot on the floor in a thin, deliberate stream, expecting me to immediately move to mop up the puddle. Fighting the urge to clean, I stepped over his mess to refill my glass. I wiped the maroon splatter from the top of my shoe on the back of my other pant […]

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100 Word Challenge: Wine

wine dinner table

For the past few years, a friend and I have attended monthly wine pairing dinners hosted by a local chef/owner of a boutique kitchen shop. During the dinner, the host prepares a three-course meal and a different wine is paired with each course. I have learned about “terrior” and “umani.” I’ve tasted wines from every region of […]

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