Let us dance

A troupe of small, vintage, artist models, manipulated into a macabre ballet, meticulous in detail, danced across a makeshift stage on top of a yard sale occasional table. Arms bowed, legs extended, bodies were frozen in eerie arabesques. Effigies twisted into poses of grace and elegance, black magic victims, some oceans apart, in the throes […]

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Consolation prize

voodoo doll

A trip to the Big Easy was my consolation prize. An extravagant time-out to escape all my recent drama in a totally decadent way. I pawned my wedding ring to pay for the trip with no plans to ever redeem the ticket. Stumbling drunk through the shop’s green, shutter doors, I wasn’t sure what to […]

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A living doll

It had to stop. The beatings, the vicious verbal attacks, the forced seclusion, all of it was over. Had to be smart. She couldn’t let them trace it back to her. “The only DNA we found was the victim’s. The hair is his.” “Victim? I thought he had a heart attack. Co-workers said he was […]

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