It’s what’s for dinner

“How’d he get out?” Lucas inspected the latched gate, its ancient lock covered in a thick, green patina. “That’s the mystery,” Cameron said, trying to herd a full-grown turkey back toward its pen. “They can fly, you know,” Perry gladly watched the fracas from afar. “Domestic birds can’t fly,” Cameron frantically gestured to Lucas to […]

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100 Word Challenge: Turkey

I got a little overwhelmed with prep work for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner and didn’t take a break until it was dark outside. Sorry for the late post. So I can have time to actually enjoy dinner with my family, I try to get as much of the meal together the day before. All that remains […]

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Topping the ball

vintage bowling sign

It was a smell that I secretly loved. A wicked mélange of lane oil, lemon-scented wood polish and sweaty feet. Walking into the lanes, a beautiful cacophony of bells and buzzers assaulted my senses. The league players filled the middle lanes, leaving only the fringe alleys for us amateurs. The reverberations from the resin balls […]

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