Snowbirds have landed

seagull at marina

You from around here? Where can I get fresh seafood? I’m not a tour guide I live in a coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico that is a popular tourist destination. There are two seasons here – summer and snowbird. Beginning in March with Spring Break through Labor Day weekend, the summer people come […]

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Act accordion-ly

vintage accordion

The house smelled of old age and senility. Each room was crammed full of tables and chiffonier, sideboards and china cabinets; chairs, ottomans, and sofas of all sorts. No surface was bare, no cabinet empty, no nook unoccupied. In an earlier time, the resident would risk being labeled a hoarder. The house was a warren […]

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Beached clowns

“Man down! Man down!” My idyllic day at the beach was interrupted by a crew of red swim-suited emergency responders, a backboard held high over their heads, kicking up sand and seagulls, as they raced to the aid of a tourist in distress. Pushing my crumbled hemp sun hat back on my head, I squinted […]

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Hurry up and wait

It rained Saturday… I know! I wanted to meander through the roses and camellias at Eden Gardens State Park, but the rain began shortly after I began my hike. I followed a hurried walk to my car, with my camera safely tucked under my shirt, with a lengthy wait inside, hoping the clouds would part. They […]

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Crazy, hazy, daze

From June through August, apocalyptic storms, uncivilized masses of trespassers, infuriatingly motionless traffic, and hellacious heat intrude upon my idyllic, bucolic condition. These endless days of summer wear on my fragile sanity.

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Spring break: the bitch is back!

I got called a Bitch this weekend… and I could not be more satisfied. The area where I live is a big tourist destination. Being that Spring Break has begun, tourist have been flocking to the beaches like seagulls looking for cold french fries. I know that our area depends on tourist dollars. That was […]

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