Here we come a-wassailing

a mug of wassail

I’ve been cooking for three days. Tomorrow, there are angel biscuits and an apple pie left to bake, then meringue to top off the coconut cream pie I made today. A glazed ham was baked earlier, and my Mister will deep fry two turkey breasts about an hour before we all sit down for dinner […]

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Nothing but blue skies

Gulf Coast beach

Perusing my photo library for something to include in my Giving Thanks posts, I looked back to this time last year. It’s been raining here since Friday. Forecasts call for sunny skies the remainder of the week, much like it was last Thanksgiving. This is more like how the weather is supposed to be in […]

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Fragile thanksgiving

glass pumpkin in dry leaves

My emotions are all a jumble. This is our first Thanksgiving apart. Even saying it like that, “apart,” seems only temporary. I supposed given the circumstances, “asunder,” would be more accurate. I made dressing for dinner even though I never liked eating it. I would only make it for you. I guess it was simply […]

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Takeout for Thanksgiving

homemade hamburger buns

It’s been one of those mind-numbingly boring weekends. Rain – and not just a miserable winter drizzle, but a torrential, thunder-n-lightning tempest – has kept me inside, and I need to go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner fixin’s. I have one lonely can of French-cut green beans, and not much else. No turkey or ham thawing in […]

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My only prayer

sunset on the bayou

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you’, it will be enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart NaBloPoMo 28/30 Happy Thanksgiving Happy Hanukkah

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Eat ’til you drop

My peeps and I are headed west for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with one set of Grans – the Mr’s parents – for the big Eat ‘Til You Pop Day. We have our own family dinner traditions – green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, angel biscuits, turkey, and various and sundry desserts. […]

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