An unlikely tale

It had rained the night before and all the world looked like it had been bedazzled with a million Swarovski crystals. The sweet petrichor of the last evening’s shower was heady to the point of distraction. As I walked around the shoreline, dewdrops clung to my coat embellishing my unadorned clothing with their iridescent brilliance. […]

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100 Word Challenge: Tall tale

biltmore grotesque

So… Earlier this week, two days before my birthday, I find out that instead of the MRI I thought my orthopedist would order for my wonky knee, I’m actually now waiting for a scheduling nurse to call to set up full knee-replacement surgery sometime in the next few weeks. I get a brand new knee […]

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En garde

Gallagher wasn’t an overly tall man, so storing his swords and épées in a stone pot that reached past his waist seemed impractical. He would be unable to cleanly draw any of his weapons should the need arise. Funny, that my first thought was of the readiness of his arsenal, and not that he possessed […]

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