100 Word Challenge: Chatter

My dad and step-mom came to visit a few weeks ago. With them, he brought treasures from a recent KonMari purge of their guest room…. my school report cards from 4th through 8th grade. I was brilliant. No, but really… I was apparently a bit of a – as they said in the olden days […]

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100 Word Challenge: Talk

There are eight warm-blooded creatures living in my home, and only three of them are human. That’s right, I have five pets – two dogs and three cats – and I treat each of them like they are my kids. I praise them, scold them, am sarcastic with them, joke with them, and have simple, […]

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99 lead balloons

helium balloon release

“Isabelle, I need to settle up my tab.” Stretched out on a thrifty store reject Chesterfield, Isabelle turned a languid eye toward her best client. Draping her arm off the narrow edge, she rummaged through the red foil wrappers in a nearly empty box of chocolates searching for any leftover cordials. “It’s a sizable account,” […]

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