A ship’s bell

Bells are ringing, each toll like a death knell to my spirit. It’s traditional for the town bells to sound when there is good news to celebrate. The fleet returns, and the pealing began when the first sail was sighted. I knew before the last of the fleet docked in port that one ship was […]

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A thief’s cut

abandoned catbird nest

The first leaf fell at 7:51 p.m. of the Autumnal Equinox. The brittle, brown-paper scrap fell gracelessly from the dying branches of a gray maple tree, to finally be trapped in the tangle of twigs of an abandoned catbird nest. A cold wind tugged more leaves loose, a portend of the bitter winter to come. […]

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Moody Woods

ragged wound on tree trunk

A youth spent enduring overnight snipe hunts at Fireside Scout Wilderness Camp prepared Tansy for competitive cross-country orienteering. When the opportunity presented to join the Braverman team traversing Moody Woods for regional finals, Tansy jumped at it. A broken ankle sidelined veteran team member Monica Brunelle, forcing her to drop out three weeks before the competition. […]

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Walled in


“I had finished a portion of the last and the eleventh; there remained but a single stone to be fitted and plastered in.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe, The Cask of Amontillado Where first the screams were like music to his ears, now they threaten to drive him mad. Eógan knew he should have stayed away, […]

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Sink hole

rusted metal sink

Blue smoke bubbled out of the Elder Council house chimney to announce they had finally reached a decision. Dashelle paced outside the lodge waiting on their official decree. He was scared. Scared they would find him at fault and he would be forced to leave the sept. Their superstitions could condemn him to a brutal […]

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From little acorns

acorn finials on cemetery fence

It isn’t for purely aesthetic reasons that cold iron is used to adorn funeral plots. Red as rust, blood has the taste and tang of hematite, the life force of earth. Scrolls of wrought iron circle family plots, and are forged into intricate gates and mausoleum entries. Folklore spins tales of iron crosses, and fleur-de-lis being […]

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