Purple haze

purple lightning

The crew were in their cabins, waiting. The ship’s officers manned the bridge, but they knew there was nothing more for them to do. First-mate Jorje wanted to scupper the ship, but Capt. Muncy refused to go out in defeat. Engines were shut down, since there was no amount of force that would break them … Continue reading Purple haze

Solvent green

From the ship’s observation deck, Capt. Messina scanned the hydroponic fields, as lush as the fertile Delta basin on home Earth. The only difference was the plants were vivid shades of red, orange and yellow, not the viridescence a white star would create. He feigned agreement to the revisionist faction’s mercurial demands to indoctrinate the … Continue reading Solvent green

Lighting up

illuminated lighthouse

The place was dead for a Saturday night. All the old regulars were there, but the younger crowd was conspicuously absent. The Cosmic Lighthouse was about to go dark. Back in the day, the Lighthouse was the place to be and be seen. The lone club on Aoede, a cold rock in the middle of … Continue reading Lighting up