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Time is a web

What came before: Capt. Poppy Spector After weeks recuperating from her near-fatal shipwreck, Poppy was finding life in an agrarian settlement a welcome change from the rigid routine of space travel. She was healing in body, mind, and spirit. Once she was feeling stronger, Poppy joined the ovine herders. It was the shearing season and… Continue reading Time is a web

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A homecoming

What came before: A Salt Life Poppy was convinced she had finally succumbed to space sickness. Her long, solitary trek and the loss of her entire crew to the perils of harsh planet exploration broke her spirit and snapped her sanity. It was impossible for a standard-argot speaking human to be standing in front of… Continue reading A homecoming

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Someone is watching

The trio moved slowly down the beach, walking the border between the shore and the sea grass. They each had a specimen bag slung across their body collecting scraps of wreckage from their space ship, the Explorer Vessel Caelestis. “Ever feel like someone is watching you?” Lt. Serveen Frayaz said, rubbing her hand down her neck,… Continue reading Someone is watching

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A nice place to visit

A single, yellow dwarf sun rose over the marooned ship and her surviving crew. Mauve skies gave way to pale yellow, then to a subdued, teal blue. Wreckage littered the shore of a lush island, leaving a debris field 40 yards wide and 6 miles long. The Explorer Vessel Caelestis was in orbit around Snion… Continue reading A nice place to visit

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Goodbye blue skies

The launch rocket sat waiting on the tarmac, massive in size, red rust falling from its skin like snow, steam surging out of its engines - the countdown stopped at Four Minutes. A rapid-fire exchange of orders and counter-orders crackled over the radio in the ship’s cockpit. The crew, suited and strapped into their pods,… Continue reading Goodbye blue skies