Spring is coming

Under cold, grey skies Delicate, green buds taunt me Eight weeks until spring

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100 Word Challenge: Cold

blue ice

At 8:18 this morning (CST) earth was at its closet point to the sun. Its perihelion. Earth is only 91,404,322 miles from the sun, a blistering 3.1 million miles closer than at its farthest distance in early July. While in this position, Earth is also moving at its fastest, meaning winter in the Northern Hemisphere […]

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Season salt

tropical storm waves

Florida has three seasons – Spring, Summer and Hurricane. From June 1 through November 30, conditions are right for the formation of hurricanes. More than just a little wind and rain, hurricanes can rip the siding off houses, and upend boats then deposit them in the tops of trees. Storm surges, the rising level of […]

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On a bright spring morning, we stand on a hill holding hands, and watch the sunrise. you put your arm around my shoulder, adding your warmth to mine. It’s summer and we sleep under a full moon, counting blinking fireflies. We tell each other fairytales and make wishes on falling stars. In the autumn we […]

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Gettin’ hot in here Peelin’ away winter blues Sheddin’ some clothes too Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

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