dilapidated ocean pier

Timeworn and weathered Solitude nae loneliness Solace by the sea

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A salty lullaby

Sunrise at the beach

During the first months of my life, I swam in the warm ocean of my mother’s womb. Adrift on gentle waves, I breathed in her briny abundance, and was soothed to sleep by her tender lullaby. Salt pulsed through my veins, creating an undeniable bond with the sea. Hours from the end of my life, […]

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Months with an R

seagull flock feeding

Flock feeding frenzy Vie for tasty sushi bites Oysters at their peak

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Buoyancy of life

“There wasn’t some family willing to do this?” Beverly came with me to inventory Capt. Roth’s house. “He had a daughter, but she hadn’t talked to him in years, and she didn’t want anything to do with all of this.” I stifled a sneeze. The dust we were raising was killing my nose. A retired […]

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