It’s a passing phase

carnival ride

It’s just another nostalgic, teenage craze, Mother. No need for you to worry. I even dabbled a little at her age. If she was jumping off bridges because all her friends were, would you still be so patronizing? She’s in no physical danger, you’re getting hysterical over nothing, Just let it run its course. Next […]

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old tank floating in a lake

Sirens blared, sending reverberations down every tunnel, rattling doors, and threatening to shatter windows. Two shorts blasts and a single sustained squeal meant someone had gone Topside. Troops flooded the alleys in an effort to quell public panic. They were only adding to the confusion. Kennedy and Bradley sat on the worn couch in their […]

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Rebellion turns dungeons into crypts. Insurgents and dissidents, warring against injustice and despots, line the walls like so many trophies. Degraded, dehumanized, but still their souls remain free, their minds revolt against domination.

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