a trumpet sounds

My son is having a love affair with Mrs. Jones. It’s been going on for 8.5 years, since he was the tender age of 19. He’s spent an untold amount of money on her. Not just thousands of dollars… tens of thousands of dollars and she’s still a gaudy, low-down, hot mess. I don’t like […]

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Grand exit

1996 Infiniti Q45

Now that The Boy’s car is once again road worthy, whenever I have to go into town for errands, if he goes with, he wants to drive. His Infiniti Q45 is a barge, only six inches shorter than his dad’s full-sized truck. His sister calls it his “old man” car. An already low-riding car, he […]

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Project car

A boy and his car It is a thing of beauty Hopefully it runs My son got his first project car, a 1990 Plymouth Laser, in 2009. It was three years older than he was at the time. Over the next couple of years, he installed a new transmission, and an after-market body kit and […]

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