Hairbrush microphone

Earbuds in, hairbrush microphone in hand, Susie belted out “Don’t Speak” in her best Gwen Stefani vibrato. Tipping her fedora to the mirror, she hopped on one foot, then kicked out her other leg. Keeping time to music only she heard, Susie danced and sang until she glistened with sweat. “Don’t tell me ‘cause it […]

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It’s all an act

high wires

Let’s pretend we’re sixteen again, guileless and naive. Our lives a blank page waiting for our stories to be written. Back to when we thought our grand expectations were heroic, back to when our visions of changing the world were all within our grasp. Let’s pretend we go back to before we were cynics and […]

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Fish head stew

You do what you have to do to survive. You sleep where you can find safe shelter, and you eat what you can find to eat. You can’t be picky, you don’t have that luxury. That may mean making a stew from scavenged fish heads off the beach. Boiled in sea water with a few […]

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